Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Dear

Each Winter it is our tradition to spend four days at the beach with our friends, their parents, our parents, and all the children. Last January we were perusing area antique stores, when I found this ancient fragile pillow. I took a picture of it in order to post it on my blog this very day.
And to say to my darling, most treasured Mum,

God took the sunshine from the skies,
And made the love light in your eyes;
From honeyed flowers
He took the dew,
And made your tears, unselfish, true.
Upon a rock, your faith He built.
With angel prayers your breath He filled,
And with His love made yours Divine.
But best of all He made you Mine.

I love you, Mumsie.


Anonymous said...

Oh that is beautiful, you.Just beautiful.

Clytie said...

Very sweet, sissie. It looks like her doesn't it?

Lois said...

Oh it's just so beautiful! I hope you had a great Mother's Day. I spent the whole day with my kids and grandkids and it was wonderful!

robby said...

Who was the author of poem