Monday, May 11, 2009

Garter Grips?!?!?

This is another of the treasures I found in my beloved Nita's sewing things. I had to laugh--this unopened package must be from the 1950's!

Way back when, these are what we ladies used to keep our silk stockings from bagging down around our ankles, and even then sometimes that didn't work.

Only one comment left to make! How grateful I am for pantyhose!!!


Deann said...

Oh mercy do I remember those little babies and the girdle they were attached to...ugh! That and nail polishing runs in my hose. I haven't had a run for decades ain't technology great!!
Thanks for the trip down memory lane Sis.

Clytie said...

Nowadays, though, the younguns think garters and garter belts are sexy! Maybe they are to some people, but not to those of us who REALLY know! Like when the grips failed and we ended up with "bubbles around the ankles"? Ha!

BTW, don't we use those garter grippie thingies now to hold our sheets onto the mattresses?

Lois said...

I remember these! I hated them and was so glad when pantyhose came along!

Wendy said...

Yes - 3 cheers for pantyhose!

Marie Reed said...

This is wild! An unopened package! I'm wearing pantyhose right now under my jeans! I'm always cold:)

Suzy Rust said...

How funny! I made a page about Beltx on my junkzine, which you can see here if you choose:
Keep up the fabulous junking work! Sewing boxes are truly the place to look for unexpected treasures.