Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Apples

This is another illustration from my battered and beloved book of Children's poetry. Here the small child is decorously eating a pealed and cut apple from a plate.  No sign of the table knife he'd need to cut it up...  Hmmm.. 

I have wonderful memories of sitting atop the apple tree with a good book and a lapful of crunchy apples pulled from the tree's forgiving branches. What a delight to sit cuddled in the fork of the branch. To read and munch fruit so good and succulent, the juice would run down my chin. Hands sticky? Down the tree to wipe them against the deep grasses of the field. Ah, childhood!

Daddy Update: Dad is getting stronger every day. To offset the effects of the heat wave, we have moved Dad and Mom to our home. We have a small air conditioner in the living room which we are using to keep Dad cool. It is supposed to be 103 today, which is dangerous for a person of Dad's age, especially with his severe injuries. Next week I will be driving dad to an appointment with the plastic surgeon. It looks like he'll need some grafts done to cover part of the open area of the wound.
.Thank you again for all your good thoughts and prayers. THANK YOU!!! Please keep praying for Dad's continued healing.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Woikin' Goil

Isn't this just the cutest Valentine's Day card? This is an early American Greetings Card, made in the United States in the mid-1940's.
She's rather Betty "Boopish" don't you think? I love the red bows on her shoes, and her glasses give just the right touch.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Imaginary Friends

When children are playing alone on the green,
In comes the playmate that never was seen.
When children are happy lonely and good,
The Friend of the Children comes out of the wood.
Nobody heard him and nobody saw,
His is a picture you never could draw,
But he's sure to be present, abroad or at home,
When children are happy and playing alone.
He lies in the laurels, he runs on the grass,
He sings when you tinkle the musical glass;
Whene'er you are happy and cannot tell why,
The Friend of the Children is sure to be by!

This poem and picture comes from my wonderful yet tattered book of Children's poetry.

When I was a child, I had unseen friends. We played in the field and the woods together. I remember how I imagined them--beautiful faeries with gorgeously colored wings. Their clothing caught the color of their surroundings. Sometimes I could see them in my imagination, other times I did not. But I was never lonely.
Daddy Update: I drove Dad and Mumsie to the Veteran's Hospital. The broken bones in Dad's neck are seated in nicely, but are not healing as quickly as hoped. The surgeon says Dad will wear his neck brace for six months. Dad's bones are soft, and if the bones do not heal, they will have do surgery. The surgeon says the surgery is risky. Please pray Dad defies all expectations and heals faster than anyone could anticipate. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Princess in Danger

This illustration comes from another of the books in my fairytale book collection. In this story of woe, the beautiful princess is in danger. Her stepmother is in actuality a witch, who casts a spell upon the princess, turning her into a wild mindless dragon who scourges the countryside in her search for food.

The prince of a neighboring kingdom is her own true love. When he hears of the spell, he travels to the kingdom to rescue the princess. What he must do to break the spell is gruesome. He must cut 0ff the head of the dragon.

The brave prince takes strength in his love for the girl, strikes the dragon's head away. This breaks the spell and the girl is restored. The wicked stepmother is punished. She is made to dance in a pair of red hot iron shoes until she falls dead.

And the prince and princess? Of course they live happily ever after.

Daddy Update: Dad's cousin Fred came to visit Dad. Dad seems so much better for the visit. He is perky and told me he's getting really bored sitting in bed all day long! A GOOD sign!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Morning Kisses

This lovely illustration comes from an ancient book of children's poetry, which was printed in the early 1900's. I love the elegant graceful lines of this artist's pen and ink drawings. I have had the book in my possession forever. I'm sure it is one I've treasured since childhood--the beauty of these drawings have been a big influence my own style of drawing.

Daddy Update: I stayed until dark last night, and Dad seemed to be doing a lot better. I'm so glad it will not be as hot today--with that collar he must wear to stabilize his neck, the heat was really bothering him. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sweet - Happy Postcard Friendship Friday

This postcard, dated 1914, is part of a my "cyber" collection. It was sent to me by Pearl, a generous soul who shares my love for this little girl's photos. These postcards were printed around the turn of the century by Raphael Tuck & Sons.

Raphael Tuck & Sons was located in England and was an outstanding publisher of early postcards. Nov. 1899 Adolph Tuck began his postcard production with first numbered series issued July, 1900. Much of the early printing was done in Germany by Chromolithography using 10 or 12 stones. Embossed & hand cut dies.

The company took special pride in being Art Publishers to British Royalty and many series show this connection to WWII. Paper shortages nearly closed the plant but they finally got paper rations and continued to produce cards. The London factory was destroyed by German bombs and the New factory in North Hampton burned in 1954.

Now to see if I can find more information on this lovely young model. The photo was called "Sweet."

DADDY UPDATE: Dad did very well yesterday and last night. Thank you so much for your good thoughts and powerful prayers. It is amazing to see how well he's doing!

Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beautiful Lady

I love this portrait from the past. I see traces of the little girl with whom I am so intrigued. Perhaps this is she, all grown up.

My sister Clytie and I are in the process of scanning and preserving the many cards and letters my Grandmother left behind.

I want to share an excerpt from a letter to Grammie from her older sister Tilly. I laughed and laughed over her words. Perhaps we are more alike than I know--except for the saintly sick part. (grin) I remember Great Aunt Tilly. She was always full of the dickens. She died at 101 years of age.

Aunt Tilly is very young when she writes of her participation in the suffragette demonstrations for women's rights in the early 1900's:  

"Have you been to the Walkathon? I finally weakened and went last Saturday! I had been holding out for over a month. Albert has wanted to go all the time. Of course, I think a contest of that nature is wrong and it is wrong for anyone to contribute to the support of it.

But I get tired of being good all the time and just have to do something wicked every so often. It seems like something dries up inside of me when I am just righteous and good all the time. I just have to bust loose and do something "bad" once in awhile. Then I feel better and can settle down and be real saintly and sick looking again for quite a spell."

As an older lady, she became quite acrid.  This wonderful note made me like her a lot--I wish I could have known her when she was young.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Speeding Train

This card which is from the collection given to me by my darling Gramma Gladys, was printed sometime in the late 1940's, early 1950's. I love the train and the detail of the people waving as it passes.

My husband loves trains--though I am pretty sure this little pastel job would crack him up.  Haha

I post this get well card for our Daddy. He had a hard night, but much better than when he was in the hospital. Please continue to pray for my parents. I can see this is really taking a toll on our little Mumsie.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wishing You Happiness -Postcard Friendship Friday

I wanted to thank everyone who wrote and all of you who have been praying for my parents as they recover from Monday's terrible accident. Mom is doing well, but Dad is still very frail. I am so incredibly grateful to each and every one of you.
May your lives be filled with happiness and with the fragrance of flowers. ((hugs))

Happy Postcard Friendship  Friday!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This picture from my "cyber" collection seemed to fit my feelings this morning. When I was small I remember curling up in Dad's strong arms next to his heart. I felt so safe. Poignant.

Yesterday afternoon our parents were involved in a terrible accident. They had left our place after spending the weekend with us. Neither Mom nor Dad have any idea what happened. No other cars were involved

Mom is terribly shaken, badly bumped and bruised, but she is alright. Dad is in his early 80's and has become increasingly frail. However, he came through surgery well. Dad has a fractured place in his neck, but the injury is such that if his neck is kept perfectly still he will heal up as good as new. The surgery involved a wound vac, which helped to close the huge area of skin on top of his head which had been sliced away from his skull.

I would appreciate your prayers and good thoughts for Dad and Mom, Clytie and me, and for our family. This comes close to being one of the worst times of my life. Strange how life can completely change in one moment.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

An Impression on my Heart

This darling Valentine card was made to fold the bottom edges so it would stand up. I love the astonished but happy look on the little girl's face and the confident devoted look on his, as he writes.

This card was most likely published in the early 1930's.