Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Good Life

Today my youngest Sister is getting married. She is marrying a wonderful man who loves her very much. May God bless their lives with hope, love, strength and winsome love. But not just that, may God bless my sister and my new brother each, with the ability to go more than half way toward eachother in the hard times.

Dad is well enough that he'll be able to walk her down the aisle using his cane. The oxygen and wheel chair won't be far. Thank you for your prayers. Dad has had a few bad days recently. He's felt so discouraged with the length of this healing process. Please pray that Dad will be encouraged and feel God's blessing on his life.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Wishing You Happiness - Postcard Friendship Friday

This postcard is especially for you, Marie. I am SO glad to see you are back, up and running!

YOU'VE BEEN MISSED! God bless you and your boys, dear Marie. Thank you for all the joy you've given to so many of us.

Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Sun's Travel

The sun is not a-bed, when I
At night upon my pillow lie;
Still around the earth his way he takes
And morning after morning makes.

While here at home, in shining day,
We round the sunny garden play,
Each little Indian sleepy-head
Is being kissed and put to bed.

Here is another old poem, and illustration from my beloved, yet tattered book of Children's Verse, which was published around the turn of the century.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Grandpa's Promise

When I was a little girl, and not very well liked in school, I loved the story of the Ugly Duckling with its promise of beauty and maturity.

When I was in third or fourth grade, I had experienced a particularly rough day. I remember running over to talk to Grandpa Lester--my best buddy and the one to whom I confided all my girlish joys and hardships. Tears running down my face, I told him my woes. A few days later, Grandpa brought a picture he'd cut from the Penny's Catalogue. The model was lovely, her smile radiant.

He put the picture into my hands and said, "When you get older, this is what you will look like." Then he stooped to smile into my eyes. "But you are already beautiful inside."

I never forgot what he said that day. The odd thing is that when I was in my 20's, I actually DID resemble the picture Grandpa gave to me. I still have it--and even now that I'm getting older and more wrinkled as each day passes--I think about the gift of true beauty and future promise Grandpa gave to me.

Daddy Update: The wound specialist believes the bone still exposed in Dad's scalp will most likely heal over by itself without surgery. Dad's tests have come back looking great. Please pray for my parents outlook--it is so hard for them to be away from their home so long. We are preparing the house so they can go back sometime mid-September. We are praying we can get it done by that time--Mom must return home so she can teach her writing classes the first of October.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pretty Baby

This lovely illustration is from my "cyber" collection. I love these baby pictures--they are so beautiful. This little one especially, with that mischievous twinkle, makes me smile.

Monday, August 17, 2009

You Click With Me!

Because I'm an avid photographer this wonderful valentine especially "clicks" with me! Made in the USA sometime in the 1930's, this dapper little gentleman with his quirky bow tie and heart camera box, must have made a great impression!

Daddy Update: Dad is doing very well. We hope to have the home place ready in a few weeks, so our parents can be comfortably set for the cold autumn and winter months. Please continue to pray for Dad's healing and that we will be able to finish all the work which must be done in order for them to go home. Dad would feel much better with his own things around him.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Handsome Loggers

There is a museum of amazing machines near Brooks, Oregon. In the museum area for logging machines and memorabilia, I found this photo. I don't know what it is about these guys, but their faces and humorous stance caught my heart in a bit of intrigue! I wonder who they were? I think about what their lives must have been like.

I'm filled with gratefulness to them for forging their path to our future. They are a very real part of what makes our country great.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


This darling card was part of my Sister Clytie's extensive collection. When I fell in love with this artist's depictions of little children, she gave the set to me. I am SO privileged, and I treasure them. Not only because the cards are perfectly wonderful, but because they were given to me by my precious sister. You can see her wonderful blog at

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bathing with a Hippopotamus

This illustration is from an old children's storybook printed in the late 1800's. It is a book illustrating the habits of animals both tame and wild.

It is a well-established fact the hippopotamus can be quite cranky, and is not at all inclined to hang out with mankind. I could not imagine bathing with a hippopotamus! In fact, I'm sure it must be a VERY dangerous thing to do! This fellow must be a very brave man to take such a chance. (grin)

Daddy Update: Dad made a breakthrough this morning! He actually got up and made coffee this morning. He was able to go outside with his walker yesterday afternoon--he even walked a few paces with his cane. Dad is healing faster than anyone could predict. Thanks to the prayers of people everywhere, I believe we are watching a miracle unfold! Thank you! Keep praying--Dad sees the neck doctors the first of September!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Top Knot - Happy Postcard Friendship Friday

Here she is again. With this wonderful up-do, and added detail, this little girl's mischievious smile makes me think as soon as the camera shutter clicked, All that hair came tumbling down.

Daddy Update: The plastic surgeon and consultants have determined skin grafts will not be applied until Dad's broken neck is healed. Dad will be wearing a neck brace for five more months. The surgeons are sure the exposed bone on top of his head will not heal over by itself. Since the wound vac has been removed, Mom and I have been changing the dressings each day. It seems to us that his head is starting to heal. I would appreciate your prayers for the broken bones in his neck to heal, and for exposed bone to grow new skin overtop. Nothing is impossible with God. Miracles happen every day! Thank you!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tiny Dancer

Here is another wonderful illustration from my beloved book of Children's Poetry. Along with this drawing is this rather odd little poem.

He loves to be little, he hates to be big,
'Tis he that inhabits the caves that you dig;
'Tis he when you play with your soldiers of tin
That sides with the Frenchmen and never can win.
'Tis he, when at hight you go off to your bed,
Bids you go to your sleep and not trouble your head
For wherevery they're lying, in cupboard or shelf,
'Tis he will take care of your playthings himself!