Tuesday, September 29, 2009


When my darling SissyDea posted this painter's work, I had to keep a copy. I have been working at my parents home for the past month or more. I see vivid ghosts of childhood memories all around me.

It is interesting when one's mind superimposes the past upon the present. This artist (along with my sisters--you know who you are) inspire me to go further. To pursue the dream. To reach for the unattainable. How gracious God has been to give to me these precious sisters.

This picture makes me feel like weeping...so much of life has been lived.  So much yet to live.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

With All Good Wishes

This is a postcard from my "cyber" collection. I know--it's a bit early for Christmas, but these kittens are so cute! I know it is a Christmas postcard, but it is also nearing Halloween with all the strange lore of black cats.

I've collected figurines of black cats since I was a little girl. There is something so endearing about those expressive kitty eyes, glowing like amusing jewels, shining from a small black canvas. 

Daddy Update: We were able to tear down the rotten addition to the back of my parent's home. All that is left is the floor--which is rather like a broad deck area. I was SO impressed with what my husband and our friend Gurn accomplished! How these amazing men were able to tear that monstrosity down by themselves, is quite beyond me--they're both heroes in my eyes!

My sister and I worked hard filling the dumpster (The guys helped with the really heavy stuff). We cleaned, bagged all kinds of stuff, sorted good wood from the bad, piled it accordingly. Sissy and I cleaned and swept, carried, lifted and piled stuff...It was a very LONG day.
The four of us accomplished more than we ever hoped for, or dreamed! Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers. It's miraculous to behold.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Friends Together in Sunshine and in Shade

"We have been friends together in sunshine and in shade." -- Caroline Norton

I love the youthful elegance and antique fashion which are combined here with such delightful appeal.

This sweet card also reminds me of something that happened years ago. My younger sister Clytie and I went out one night to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour.  Since we were truly Gibson girls--we each ordered a Gibson Girl ice cream.

To our horror, suddenly bells, whistles and sirens went off. We gasped as two GIANT bowls, each about the size of a volleyball--full of every flavor ice cream, complete with toppings, bananas, whipped cream and topped with a red cherry, were trundling toward our table.

We couldn't believe our eyes. I remember we didn't finish our fine LARGE Gibson Girls--and for years afterward we would giggle over our "Gibson Girl" treat.

Daddy Update: Dad is a miracle kid! The surgeons gave the wound on his head (which exposed quite a bit of bone) a one percent chance of healing without surgery. At present, the bone is completely covered and the skin around the wound only has about one and a half inches to go--if that! Dad is a walking miracle! Early next month, Dad will be going in for a neck check up--we are praying for the same miraculous healing in his broken neck bones.

My siblings and I cleared and cleaned our parents home and property enough that they were able to return home last Sunday morning! They seem so happy. Next weekend we are tearing down a rotten section of their home--down to the floorboards, so I would appreciate your good thoughts and prayers for safety for everyone who will be coming over to help.

THANK YOU for your thoughts and prayers--they have meant more to me and my family than you will ever know.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love Now

This is a card from the 1970's once sent to me by my best friend Eric. It is an enigmatic sort of saying, but today it makes sense and fits with my mood.

I will try to be consistent with you
So that you will understand
The core of my personality
And from that understanding
You can gain strength and security
That  I am acting as me.
I may falter with my moods . . . 
But because people are never constant
And are as changeable as the seasons,
I will try to build up within you
A faith in my fundamental attitude
And show you that my inconsistency
Is only for the moment
And not a lasting part of me.
I will show you love now.

~Walter Rinder

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Couldn't Bear It

This darling Valentine is one of my favorites. I love the way these old cards expand. This card was probably printed in the USA in the late 1930's. Below you can see what the card looks like expanded.

Daddy Update: What a wonderful thing! The top of Dad's head has NO bone showing! The two surgeons who looked at it a little over a month ago said there was a one percent chance that terrible wound would heal over. Thank you for your prayers! It is truly a miracle!

Please continue to pray that Dad's neck bones will knit together. There's quite a gap between the bones--and Mom says, looking at the cat scan, that it looks impossible. But we've already seen one miracle! Let's pray for another.

We hope to have Dad and Mom's home ready for them by the 20th. Still so much yet to be done.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bunny Watchman

Here is another Valentine Card from my collection. This card was probably printed in the USA in the late 1930's. There is a small metal rivet in the top of his arm, which allows this darling little bunny watchman to swing his lamp.

The look on this hunky bunny is rather funny. I believe he LIKES what he sees!

Daddy Update: Last Sunday morning Dad walked my youngest sister down the aisle, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. He walked around quite a bit that day--and seemed the better for it.

The neck doctor had some discouraging news. According to the cat scan, there is a cyst which is lodged where the break in Dad's neck is. The Doc thinks Dad was probably born with it--but it seems to be impeding the bones from healing. But there was some good news, too--We saw the wound specialist on Wednesday. She was amazed at how quickly the top of Dad's head is knitting. Indeed--when I change his wound each day, I am amazed to see visible progress--It is a miracle to watch how quickly the flesh is covering over the bone, when the doctors said it never would.

Please pray for safety for all the family members and volunteers who will be at my parents' home this weekend. We have a LOT to do, including some serious work on the roof. It is my hope and prayer that we will accomplish more than we ever thought possible. Dad and Mom need to be in their own home. I would appreciate your good thoughts and prayers this Labor Day Weekend.