Sunday, September 27, 2009

With All Good Wishes

This is a postcard from my "cyber" collection. I know--it's a bit early for Christmas, but these kittens are so cute! I know it is a Christmas postcard, but it is also nearing Halloween with all the strange lore of black cats.

I've collected figurines of black cats since I was a little girl. There is something so endearing about those expressive kitty eyes, glowing like amusing jewels, shining from a small black canvas. 

Daddy Update: We were able to tear down the rotten addition to the back of my parent's home. All that is left is the floor--which is rather like a broad deck area. I was SO impressed with what my husband and our friend Gurn accomplished! How these amazing men were able to tear that monstrosity down by themselves, is quite beyond me--they're both heroes in my eyes!

My sister and I worked hard filling the dumpster (The guys helped with the really heavy stuff). We cleaned, bagged all kinds of stuff, sorted good wood from the bad, piled it accordingly. Sissy and I cleaned and swept, carried, lifted and piled stuff...It was a very LONG day.
The four of us accomplished more than we ever hoped for, or dreamed! Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers. It's miraculous to behold.


Christine H. said...

It's never too early or too late form a card like that!

Chris Overstreet said...

It's as if the publisher recycled a Halloween design. A very unique card!

~JarieLyn~ said...

Very unique and so darn cute. I love it.

Marie Reed said...

The shadows are so unique! What a nifty card!

Lois said...

I like their expressions!

Clytie said...

I agree with Marie - the shadows are fascinating. At first I thought the cats were pop-ups and their shadows were real!

Greatma said...

I love your post cards, and cats are a favorite.
You have such beautiful blogs, and you write so well, love reading them. Antique Rose