Friday, July 12, 2013

Birds and Roses -Postcard Friendship Friday #176

We have had so many birds in our yard this year.  There's a flock of Goldfinches, a small red-headed wood pecker, a colorful gross beak, cedar wax wings, a scrub jay, house wrens and another teeny brown bird the size of my thumb.  I have no idea what kind that little fellow might be.  He's shaped like an egg adorned with a beak and miniscule wings.

I hope you are all having a lovely summer.  It has been beautiful here in Oregon.  No rain--lots of sunshine and bearable temperatures.  Almost like living in heaven, when the rain stops!

Have a beautiful day everyone!

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LiT Web Studio said...

What a lovely card! Here in Rome, summer evenings are marked by the arrival of swooping bats...I love watching them...

Grace Bailhache said...

Well Beth, I don't have the luck to be surrounded by birds here. Do birds fear the mountains ? No idea. This summer is very strange in Chambéry, he have two days of sun and then it rain, well my umbrella is never to far now, but last week I was in Paris and the weather was just perfect. Your bird and rose are sweet, I can't remember receiving a postcard that represents bird but I have some flowers.

Wish you a nice and lovely weekend, happy to have you back on friday.

Happy PFF !


dmarks said...

Happy PFF! I can almost smell that rose....