Friday, July 26, 2013

Aunts and Uncles' Day -Postcard Friendship Friday #178

Though no one seems to know how the holiday started, today is Aunts and Uncles' Day.  I like celebrating this holiday.  I have so many lovely memories which include my wonderful Aunts and Uncles.  I especially miss Uncle Jody.  He always wore a cowboy hat.  He was long and lean--with a beautiful craggy face creased with a bright smile.  His eyes were blue and often crinkled with laughter.  He always found time for his small nieces and nephews.

We all adored him.  He would fold his long rangy frame down onto the heels of his well-worn boots to look into our faces at our level. I loved the sound of his laughter.  I loved his sweet soft heart.  He was a poet.  I can still hear his voice as he read The Cremation of Sam Magee, by Robert W. Service. 

Now I am an Aunt myself.  I often find myself thanking God for my small nieces and nephews.  They are all so different--like flowers.  Each has his, or her own charming sparkle.  

I have spent this past month watching my youngest niece each day.  I was there when she was born and am so blessed to spend time with her--she has, of course, enchanted my heart. Today we will pick blackberries and make a pie.  We will eat blackberries until our tongues turn blue and laugh together as we roll out the dough and get flour on our noses. Today will be a wonderful day!

Happy Aunts and Uncles Day and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday! 

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dmarks said...

Never heard of this holiday! Happy PFF.

LiT Web Studio said...

hi beth! once again you've taught me something new! what a gorgeous card too...happy PFF!

VioletSky said...

another 'day' I did not know about!

Grace Bailhache said...

Hello Beth,

What a sweet post. I never heard of this holiday, but I have to check around here and my friends abroad maybe in the south of Europe where extented family's have always matter, they have a equivalent.

I'm also bless as an aunt but I don't see my nieces and nephews that much.

Thanks for sharing dear and have a wonderful week.