Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Flitch Day -Postcard Friendship Friday #177


In  England, since the year 1104, married couples who could prove they'd been faithful and loving to one another for one year, were awarded half a pig--which was known as a "flitch of bacon." 

Hence the old saying, "bring home the bacon."

This old English custom was eventually turned into a holiday called Flitch Day, which is celebrated on July 19th.  There are still flitch "trials" today in some places, but they are only held once every four years.

Happy Flitch Day!

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VioletSky said...

There are some strange customs in olde England!!

Irene said...

Bring home the bacon, well that's interesting. I always thought it was the one who worked. Great card.

Grace Bailhache said...

Oh Beth, I never heard about that, thanks for sharing. Love this vintage postcard, flirting with your husband or wife from time to time and pretending to be strangers is something I liked.
So how was your week ? Hope for the best.

Hug and Happy PFF !


dmarks said...

Makes me think of filching bacon! Happy PFF!

LiT Web Studio said...

wow! you live and learn...!