Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy Fourth of July -Postcard Friendship Friday #175

I apologize for getting this up a day late.  We have had a lot of folks from out of town and then I fell ill later in the afternoon and evening.  I am much better this morning.

We so enjoyed the Fourth of July this year, the parade was full of wonderful things, like antique cars, hometown floats, bands, singers, local princesses, horses and area businesses.

But the moment which stands out to me was when a big army truck full of veterans came by.  I cheered, hooted and hollered until I was hoarse.  I was shouting, "Thank you!"  One of the elderly gentlemen looked me full in the face and saluted me.  I bent my head putting my hands together--and with tears looked back into his eyes.  I am sure there were tears in his, too.

You see, this is the first Fourth of July without my Daddy, who was a WW2 veteran.  In that moment, Dad looked out of that dear man's face and smiled at me.  It was a beautiful reverent meaningful moment.

God bless our veterans and all those who fight for the cause of Freedom.

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Terra said...

What a lovely moment during the parade when you felt the strong connection with your dad. The postcard is a beauty.

Irene said...

Oh well, now we are both crying. It's be 35 years since my dad passed away, but it never gets easier, something just sparks a memory and off I go. I suppose that's a good thing, wouldn't it be awful if we didn't miss them.

Irene said...

Happy 4th of July a day late, anyway. Great card.

LiT Web Studio said...

glad to hear you're feeling better now...
such a moving post...

Grace Bailhache said...

Oh Beth, I'm so confused and also moved by your post. Well my mistake was to think that since you had your surgery and you're not there last friday that you wouldn't open the meme, thanks god you did. I know exactly how you feel, I thought once that the pain dissapear with time, but it's not true, we just find a way or not to leave with it.

Wish a late late happy 4 of july !!!