Friday, March 22, 2013

A Happy Easter -Postcard Friendship Friday #160

I fell in love with this delightful depiction of cats painting an Easter Egg.  Of course the proportions are all off, but how cute is this?!

I cannot send and egg to you
On this happy Easter Day.
For "chickee," as you see,
Broke through,
So I'm sending him
your way.

Happy Easter and a lovely Postcard Friendship Friday to you!

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VioletSky said...

yes, very odd proportions - or very tiny 'kittees' !!
but what a cute card.

dmarks said...

That is an eggciting card.

I am put in mind of the lyrics of the song "Easter" by the band Marillion (which I mentioned in my PFF post)

"Easter here again
A time for the Blind to see
Surely now can all of your hearts be free..."

dmarks said...

My PFF for this coming Friday will in fact cover this song.

Clytie said...

Love it - weird proportions and all!!!