Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Apple Peel Game - Postcard Friendship Friday #86

In ancient times, the Apple Peel Game was quite popular among young people during "Snap Apple Night."  An apple was peeled continuously with a paring knife so the peel had no break.  When the entire apple peel was cut free, it was tossed over the shoulder without looking.  It was said the peel would fall in the shape of a letter of the alphabet.  This was thought to be the first letter of the name of one's true love.  
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Lois said...

What a cute card Beth! I just love the little bats.

Dorincard said...

swazencInteresting post, Beth! :)

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I remember playing that game! I never did manage to see an initial, certainly not an A, but he turned up in the end. :)

Snap said...

I didn't play the game, but I do remember hearing about it. Fun card. Happy PFF!

Heather said...

I have been so excited by your Halloween cards, that when I saw some available from Amazon, I just had to order them. They should arrive in time for me to send some out this year.

Julie Goucher said...

Interesting; I have never seen a happy Halloween card before!

Irene said...

The lady in your card is way to gorgeous to be associating with bats. Great story about the apple peel, my son use to always challenge me to peel the apples like that, if I failed he'd get to eat the apple slices before they made it to the pie, great way to get your kid to eat apples.

Grace Bailhache said...

Very cute card Beth, I have try to find an Halloween card here in my city but didn't find any, maybe in Paris, I could have found something, will ask my sister to check if she have a little time.

The pumpkin is quiete smily or am I a little tired ?

By the way, the woman in the card reminds me of Angela Lansbury young, I lately saw "The picture of Dorian Gray" one of my favorite B&W movies and I can't help thnking that she could have been a model for that card.

Nice PFF and weekend