Friday, May 3, 2019

A Mother's Help -Postcard Friendship Friday #454

This is such a lovely piece.  Mothers haven't changed much over the years.  The gentleness and tenderness of this sweet Mother toward her little daughter is beautifully portrayed in this piece.

The older I become, the more appreciative I am of my own dear Mumsie.  I am the eldest of six.  She has been through so much--gave so much of her self--that I am forever grateful for her.  Her love, wisdom and strength means so much to me. 

I am blessed to have a mother such as mine.  SO blessed.

Have a wonderful day, sweet Friends--here in the Willamette Valley the sun is out and spring is busting out everywhere.  I am grateful for the sunshine today! Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

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Beverley Baird said...

What a sweet postcard!