Friday, January 11, 2019

To the One I love -Postcard Friendship Friday #439

It is getting close to Valentine's Day already.  It is a little more than a month away.  I used to love that holiday, but it has been a sad one for me since my Beloved flew away to heaven.

This year I am going to do something a little nutty.  I'm keeping the Christmas tree up with its lights--putting away the Christmas ornaments.  I am going to decorate the tree with valentines and hearts, then I'm inviting all my nieces and nephews to come over for the weekend.

We will eat Valentine's Day cake, enjoy some fun games, sing and play instruments and best of all, laugh together.  I think this is the perfect solution for Valentine's Day.  It will become a new tradition.  :D

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

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