Friday, August 4, 2017

Summer Romance -Postcard Friendship Friday #368

I am sorry for not posting last week.  I was hosting a drama camp in my home for a group of little girls.  We had SUCH a great time!  I was totally distracted by all that had to be done beforehand.

I adore this postcard.  The old costumes and the sweetness of love and daisies.  Summertime sweethearts.  I miss my Beloved, walking hand in hand at the park... His funny stories, his laughter--the way he saw life.

Don't take your family for granted.  Life is fragile.  Enjoy every moment.  I hope you have a GREAT weekend, dear friends!

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Coffeedoff said...

Hi Beth. I did the sky dive and updated the skydive post with a photo. I didn't enjoy doing it as I am scared of heights. But made lots of money for charity :D

Irene said...

WOW Coffeedoff.. a sky dive. You are very brave, I think I'd sell a body part before I could do that. Beth, what a sweet postcard, I miss walking with my sweetheart too, he works so much, most of the time he's tired and grumpy. I try to make most of the time with my family but... sometimes that doesn't work out. Think of what that postcard would look like in today's times, depicting the same theme, the costumes alone would be so different.