Saturday, August 26, 2017

National Dog Day -Postcard Friendship Friday #371


Tomorrow is National Dog Day.  This holiday was created in 2004 by Colleen Paige, who is the founder of the National Dog Day Foundation.  The date of August 26th  was chosen because that was the day Colleen's Father adopted their first family dog. That pup must have had great influence in her life.  I would love to hear the story someday.

National Dog Day has two goals. The first is to honor dogs and to recognize and appreciate their value and importance in our lives.  The second goal is to encourage people to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse. 

The National Dog Day Foundation’s motto is "Saving 10,000 Dogs - One Day at a Time."  Indeed, then President George W. Bush, a dog owner himself, sent a letter of endorsement to the foundation in support of National Dog Day!

When dogs are rescued, they never forget where they came from and are forever thankful to the person who rescues them.  Case in point is Shadow, a beautiful old black lab, who’s kind face and loving attitude toward his master and my own family when he visits, has blessed us all.

Happy National Dog Day and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

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Terra said...

That is a sweet momma dog in your postcard. Happy National Dog Day to you and to all our dogs, including my Bounce.