Friday, August 11, 2017

Over the Moon -Postcard Friendship Friday #369

People all over the world are excited over the Great American Eclipse.  It will happen Monday, August 21.  Next weekend upwards of 500,000 people from all over the world will pour into our area.  Our little town is one of those places where the eclipse can be seen in totality.

The actual eclipse will last all of two minutes, though the waxing and waning of the eclipse lasts much longer than that.  It is said this event won't happen again in my lifetime.  I am grateful that I live in the direct path of this amazing event! 

In honor of America's epic Eclipse, I will be posting vintage postcards having to do with the moon.  This beautifully romantic postcard is one of my favorites!  Oh, how I wish my Beloved were here to see the Eclipse!  He would have loved all the fanfare and would have been in the thick of it. 

Happy Postcard Friendship Friday and have a GREAT weekend!

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Irene said...

Love your little card, it is indeed romantic. Enjoy the eclipse.