Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Happy New Year!


I just love this unusual old postcard--I have never come across any pictures of Father Time as balding before this.  He usually has a long flowing white beard.  Having a follicaly-challenged Father, gave me a love for men with, er, sparse hair.  Take Jean-Luke Picard, of the television series Star Trek, Next Generation, for example.  What a good looking fellow!

I love the way the angel is sneaking up behind poor Father Time.  I think that angel scared the poor fellow, don't you?  He seems surprised enough to have dropped the hour glass he was holding.  Perhaps for a moment, time stopped? 

Happy New Year, sweet Friends.  There is joy to be found in every little thing.

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Irene said...

I'm sorry I don't do bald, but I'm glad you are fond of them, everyone deserves to be loved even the hairless. But, I do love your father time. I think I've always associated hairlessness with wisdom so perhaps I need to forgo the hair do and look for a wise bald guy, I could go for brains... Happy New Year dear Beth.