Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Wishes

I love this postcard. It reminds me of our mountain lioness, Toez the Polydactyl Cat.  She is so cute.  I remember last year, Toez loved hiding beneath the Christmas tree.  We had a train around the tree for years.  But last year, dear Toez kept knocking it off the tracks.  So until she is old and sedate, the train will remain in the attic.  She has already been skittering around on the decorative cloth beneath the tree.  Knowing Toez--she'll be tempted to climb to the top.  Ha!  I can hardly wait.

Merry Christmas all you wonderful people! 

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Irene said...

I know, it's a new adventure each Christmas with a cat. A delightful adventure? sometimes. Love your card, how are you keeping? I'm sending you some good vibes, Annie sent me some the other day when I needed them and now I'm sending them to you.