Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Magic -Postcard Friendship Friday #145

When I was a little girl, Dad and all of us kids would go out into the woods to find a tree.  I have such wonderful memories of tromping through the woods, looking for the perfect Christmas tree.  Invariably it would be too tall and there would be a hollow spot on one side.

We would decorate the tree with strings of multi-colored Indian corn and wonderful homemade decorations.  Traditionally, Dad would hang some toys he saved from when he was a boy.  There were also colorful old fashioned ornaments and great ropes of ruby red glass beads.  But my favorite part was the tinsel.  We would carefully lay individual strands of the shiny silver stuff over every branch.  It was beautiful.  When the door would open the entire tree would shiver with long silver sparkles.  

I remember the excitement of waiting for darkness to fall so we could turn on the Christmas tree lights.  I would lie on my back underneath the tree, looking upward through the branches.  Suddenly I was as small as a faery, tiny enough to sit on the branches just like the children are doing in this postcard.  Ah, nostalgia.  A child's imagination is a wonderful thing.  I can, to this day, remember the vivid imaginings of the adventures I had as a faery in the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas everyone.  May God bless you with great joy.

Hubby Update:  I am scheduling PFF early, as I will be hopefully be bringing my darling husband back home from the hospital this morning.  He will have had cancer surgery on Wednesday morning.  I surely would appreciate your prayers.

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VioletSky said...

I hope all goes well.

I remember the trees that were never perfect - it added to the charm. I also remember the needles and bits of tinsel that we would find buried under the chesterfield and carpet for months after!

Snap said...

Lovely card, Beth. I have similar memories of my childhood and the Christmas tree. One of the funniest is of the year my Daddy brought home one of the first silver metal trees with the color lamp that turned. I was so shocked! Christmas trees should be green! :D :D Now, I wish I still had the tree -- just for the memory. Holding you and hubby close in thoughts. Wishing you both well. Thanks for hosting!

Patty said...

My Dad use to go out to this one old farmers house and get a fresh tree, then they started buying them off a Christmas tree lot, finally they went to an artificial kind. Hoping you and family have a wonderful Christmas. Glad everything is going smoothly with your husband.