Friday, November 16, 2012

Angels All Around -Postcard Friendship Friday #142

I believe there are angels all around us, ministering to those of us in need.

I posted this beautiful postcard today to thank God for those heavenly beings He is sending to comfort Dad and Mom and our family, as Daddy slips away from us.

Dad is a true hero--though he would say he isn't.  He fought in WW2, miraculously dodging bullets and bombs.  He was eventually captured by the Nazis in the Battle of the Bulge.  Dad marched across France in the dead of winter--he was one of those soldiers who survived that infamous death march. He watched his friends die one by one.  Eventually he was imprisoned at Stalag B in Nazi Germany.  Dad was a prisoner of war.  For nine months, he was tortured, interrogated and lived under appalling conditions before he and his fellow prisoners were rescued.  Of his unit, only three other men survived.

God brought Dad home to America, where he found Mom, fell in love, married and raised a big family. How grateful we are for our precious Daddy.

I loved his mischievous heart, how he enjoyed people.  He could always make them smile.  His family was everything to Dad.  He adored his children and grandchildren.  Mumsie is a writer, author and speaker--He was SO proud of her.  Mom always said Dad was the wind beneath her wings.  We will miss him so much. 

Daddy is headed for heaven any time now.  I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for my precious family at this time. If you would like to see some amazing pictures, click here: Daddy.

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VioletSky said...

when you hadn't posted, I was concerned...
it will be a difficult time for your family, but I envy you your faith that sustains you.

Irene said...

It is truly God's plan for your dad, imagine the difficult life he had, and yet was as wonderful a dad as you describe. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. If we TRULY believe we must believe he will be welcomed home with open arms.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Prayers going out to you and your family. What an amazing example your dad is in regards to overcoming obstacles as horrific as his were and yet he still lived a wonderful life and was an amazing human being.

Terra said...

Lovely angel on this postcard, and your daddy sounds like a real hero. I pray your dad and your family find strength and comfort at this time.