Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Little Child's Prayer

I found this postcard  on CardCow today.  It seemed so appropriate--I know Dad would laugh if he heard it:  This poem is one he would giggle over.  I'm sure it would remind him of himself as a boy.

Dear Lord, As Dad
Ain't Home To-night
I guess you'll have to keep
Awake and see that
Things are right
While I am fast asleep.
But if you're away
And forget
To tend to what I've said
And burglars come
You needn't fret,
I'll shoot 'em full of lead,

Dad is at the VA.  He is on full comfort care now.  I don't see him recovering any time soon.  Mumsie says when it's time for Dad to go, an angel will arrive in a long gold-plated muscle car with big fins and the rag top down.  Bro Dow, Dad's sweet Mom, his brother and sister will be riding shotgun--there'll be hugs and greetings, then the angel will open the door of that car.  I can see Dad grinning as he hops into the driver's seat, to drive through the gates of heaven, golden winds cooling his brow, the love and laughter of His Savior and family in his ears.

More than just about anything else, Daddy loved to drive his car everywhere on all kinds of adventures.  It seems only right he'd drive into heaven for the greatest adventure of all.

We will miss our precious Daddy--but He goes to a better place very soon.

We appreciate your prayers for our family.


Funoldhag said...

What a sweet post, Beth. It is so hard to lose them but so hard to see them unresponsive and suffering. May God bless all of you at this very difficult time. Carol

Irene said...

Lovely sentiment in the prayer, and I do hope his passing will be easy. That's all I pray for, for my mom. No pain, and sweet splendid sleep.

LiT Web Studio said...

my thoughts are with you...