Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Elven Hill

This illustration is from one of the fairytale books in my collection. When I was a little girl I often daydreamed about visiting fairyland, or entering the doorway in the hill where the Elves lived.

The style of this pen and ink drawing is wonderful. I especially love the lizards in the gnarled tree. I would pour over these drawings by the hour, dreaming, making up stories of my own.

I still have a GREAT imagination!


Lois said...

I can see why you like this. There is so much going on!

Clytie said...

You know, I think we HAVE been to Fairy Hill. Somewhere along the line ... when we were children. But you'd think I'd remember a lady who looked like this one ... if only for her wickedly ugly shoes!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Your imagination is obviously made of sterner stuff than mine, because that would have frightened me as a child! :)

nbs said...

I know I'm late in commenting; I've just found your wonderful blog!

Do you know the artist of this lovely picture?

It looks a lot like Arthur Rackham.
Just curious!~
Thanks for the great pictures and cards.