Monday, June 22, 2009

Vintage Summer Beauty

Here is another postcard from my "cyber collection." A friend who knows I love photos of this little French girl, sent it my way.

Here you see she's a little more grown up. Her face is maturing, and her hair is done up, denoting young womanhood. I wonder what happened to her. I wonder about her life. I wonder who she was.

She reminds me of someone.


Lois said...

I wonder too! Her flowers are lovely.

JANN said...

yes I have seen this girl's image before, I think I have it on a cd page I have. She is lovely, so delicate , soft and fragile. I agree with what you say, she is budding into womanhood.
Wishing you a great week Beth, hope the weather isn't too hot for you, it is here though.
Stay cool :)

Debby said...

Love this card, gorgeous.

Clytie said...

She is the epitome of youth, innocence and budding adulthood isn't she? I too wonder what her life held.