Thursday, June 4, 2009

Picture of Perfection

I dunno--these days if I were to see a guy hiding behind a tree with a camera or binoculars, I'd call 911, or take off running!

This card was from the era of the flappers, printed in the USA. It has movable parts. When the little red heart on the side of the card is moved, tiny metal rivets cause the little girl to peek from the water and the boy to pop up from behind the bushes. It was also made to stand upright by bending the flaps at the bottom of the card.


Clytie said...

Wow! A flapper stalker? Paparazzi? She doesn't look too keen on him taking that picture does she? I wonder which one of them belongs to the little dog who's hiding behind the brick wall?

Deann said...

Yep! Looks like a voyer to the cardboard cops!!!
And that puppie, sitting or sqatting?? I don't know this whole card is rather suspious.

Oh my gosh I just read the verse talk about Silence of the Lambs (shutter) LOL!!

Beth Niquette said...

LOL, you two are just TOO funny!!! I'm sitting here cackling to myself. (grin) ((hugs)) I love you guyz!

Robin said...

Oh yeah....that is pretty creepy.
I suppose even stalkers send valentines. ;-)

Have a beautiful day.

Marie Reed said...

Restraining order time! I declare! You have such an AMAZING collection of Valentine's Beth:)