Monday, March 27, 2017

Dear Little Children

I have missed you, dear ones--you know who you are.  I have been praying as have many others.  You are treasured more than you know.

I adore this Postcard.  Aren't these little ones darling?  Children are the same across the world.  This postcard actually reminds me of the artwork of my own Great Aunt Martina Gangle.  All her life she wore a scarf in just the way these children do.  I have fond memories of the time I spent with her when I was younger.  I didn't know then, that she was an important Oregon artist during the Great Depression.  She gently encouraged me when I drew pictures for her at family reunions.  I can still remember her affectionate smile and twinkling eyes.

Above is an example of Aunt Martina's artwork.  It is an excerpt from one of the murals she painted.  Ah, what a blessing to have such a precious heritage.

It is Springtime here in the valley.  I pray your days will be beautiful with joy, hope and peace.


Irene said...

I missed you too. What lovely memories and a very precious heritage you have. Love your little card. Isn't it funny how those little girls have those kerchiefs on. It looks almost Russian.

Terra said...

That is a lovely excerpt from the mural your great aunt painted.