Friday, March 3, 2017

The Lady and the Sheik -Postcard Friendship Friday #348

Back in the 1930's there were many films made about romance in the far East. This is a photo from one of those wonderful old movies. Their pose, the kiss trembling between them--well, it looks VERY romantic. (grin)

However looks are probably deceiving. Most likely these dancers are feeling quite uncomfortable! Cameras from that long-ago era took forever to take a picture.  The folks posing for a picture had to hold the stance without moving, for quite some time. How they held their smile and that sense of romance I cannot imagine!

Have a lovely day, dear Friends.  Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

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Clytie said...

I never thought about those old poses. What if she had garlic breath? Or he had a body odor issue? Whew!!! Makes me love the digital age, that's for sure!

Lois said...

It does look very romantic until you think about the circumstances they were actually in. I would have gotten a cramp in my leg if I tried that which would have killed all the romance!

JANN said...

love the photo Beth, hope you had a nice birthday.

Marie Reed said...

That's one back breaking smooch! Gorgeous image!

Deann said...

Boy I don't know Bethie boo this is pretty racey for you. But I like it! Makes my back hurt just looking at it.