Friday, October 23, 2015

All Good luck This Hallowe'en -Postcard Friendship Friday #285

This wonderful old postcard comes from Pearl, who's wonderful collection of cards boggles the mind!

This black cat seems a bit different than most pictured around Halloween. Her long wavy hair and mischievous look, in my opinion, make her exceptional. She reminds me of the cat who companied with me when I was a girl.  Her name was Snow.  She was all black with the exception of a tiny bit of white on her chest.  I still miss that kitty.

Have a lovely week, dear Friends.  Enjoy the sunshine when it comes, the ice when it freezes, the rain when it falls, the wind when it blows and the snow when it drifts...winter is on the way!  Happy Postcard Friendship Friday! 

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Lois said...

The cat looks like it is trying to keep from being scared, but the eyes give it away!

Clytie said...

I agree with Lois. This is one scared-but-trying-not-to-show-it kitty!

JANN said...

please come by my blog and get your award :)

Pearl said...

so glad you found a kitty to love!
~ blessings ~

Paul van Yperen said...

Love that, a black cat called Snow! I see you walking together... It reminds me of that romantic night on a Yugoslavian island long ago, when we walked from a great restaurant in a small fisher village back to our camping site. A night full of stars and then this little black kitten started following us. Cute and happily miauwing. It was fun a, but after a few miles we thought: can the kitten find its way back home? So we send it back to the village and its mother. But to no avail. It followed us to our tent. We gave it some milk and the kitten was completely happy. And the next day, when we woke up, it was gone. Back to mummy cat, I hope. Happy PFF!