Friday, October 16, 2015

A Thrilling Halloween -Postcard Friendship Friday #284

This is from my cyber collection from long ago.  I love this postcard.  It has movable parts!

Boo!  This postcard makes me smile and ponder simpler days gone by.  Have a lovely weekend.

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Paul van Yperen said...

Booh! Thanks, what a deliciously sweet card. As you know, Europe is not into Halloween. Yes, we're quite boring sometimes. I like it. The film Halloween with the great Jamie Lee Curtis used to be one of my favourite horror films. Booh! Booh!

Irene said...

Booh! wonderful card, one of my favorite times of year. (even though I'm Catholic and we are not supposed to enjoy the evilness). Love it!

Ulta58 said...

Zawsze chętnie oglądam Twoje pocztówki .Bardzo ciekawa i bogata kolekcja.u nas w Polsce Halloween nie jest tak hucznie obchodzony ale od niedawna jest .Pozdrawiam Cię gorąco i życzę zdrowia.Udanego Halloweenu.Ula