Friday, March 14, 2014

Ireland Forever! -Postcard Friendship Friday #111

Over the years I've wondered about the meaning of Erin go Bragh and how that phrase relates to Ireland and St. Patrick's Day.  I finally thought to look it up.  Erin go Braugh is the English translation of an Irish phrase Eirinn go Brach.  It is used to express allegiance to Ireland.  It is most often translated as Ireland forever, literally Ireland til' doomsday--or the end of time.

Considering the long and sometimes tragic history of the Irish, their allegiance to their country touches my heart.  As Dad once told me, once you win the heart of an Irishman, it is yours forever.  Their fierce loyalty to family, friend and country is a beautiful thing.

I am sorry I've put this up a little late.  We are still recovering from a frightening chimney fire.

I'm expecting the crew of folks who are cleaning away smoke damage to be here shortly.  (grin)  I had no idea what went into cleaning up after a fire.

The crew has been cleaning every nook and cranny of our house for almost two weeks!  These wonderful hard-working ladies are hoping to be done today.  I am in awe of what they've accomplished.  I believe our old house is cleaner than it has been since it was built over 100 years ago!

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

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Postcardy said...

I posted "Erin Go Bragh" cards this week too.

Snap said...

Ireland forever! :D Happy PFF!

VioletSky said...

I decided to be different this week and not just because since I'm Scottish and not Irish ;)

but, love the green.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...


I remember my grandmother used to send us shamrock for wearing on St Patrick's Day, no matter where in the world we were. It probably wouldn't be allowed these days.