Thursday, March 13, 2014

Golden Harp of Ireland -Guest Heart Thursday

It does my Irish heart good to see all the wonderful cards one can find celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  I especially love this golden heart-shaped harp.  To someday play the harp, is on my "Bucket List!" 

There is quite a history behind the harp and the Coat of Arms of Ireland which  is usually seen as a golden harp with silver strings, on a blue background.  References to this emblem as being the arms of the King of Ireland can be found as early as the 1300's. 

They were adopted by King Henry the 8th of England when he ended the period of Lordship of Ireland and declared Ireland to be a kingdom in 1541.  When the crowns of England, Scotland and Ireland were united as one in 1603, the harp was integrated into the unified royal coat of arms. 

This became was adopted as the emblem of the Irish Free State when it separated from the United Kingdom in 1922.  They were registered as the arms of Ireland with the Chief Herald of Ireland in November, 1945.  

Have a merry-hearted day and Happy Guest Heart Thursday!

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