Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

This is such an unusual card.  I'm not sure how old this vintage piece is, but the detail of the drawing is spectacular. 

I had heard the name of Simon the Just, but didn't know much about him until I looked him up.  He must have been an amazing fellow.  From what I read, he is mentioned in the Talmud, Josephus and the Second Book of Maccabees.

It is said Simon earned his name "the Just" because of the piety of his life, his benevolence toward his compatriots, and because he watched over the welfare of his people.  He was a spiritual man who longed to see his country prosper.  He is said to have rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, which had been torn down, and is responsible for repairing the great Temple of the Jews.

According to legend, when Alexander the Great marched through Palestine in the year 333, Simon the Just dressed in priestly robes to ride out to greet him.  When the Monarch saw the High Priest approaching, he descended from his chariot and bowed respectfully before him.

The Greek king was criticized because he had bowed to Simon the Just.  But Alexander the Great silenced the complaints of his subjects, saying his act of respect had been intentional.  Then he told of a vivid vision in which he had witnessed the High Priest proclaiming Alexander's victory over his enemies.

I love the stories of history.  

Happy New Year, everyone! 


LiT Web Studio said...

Happy New Year Beth! Hope to hook up with you again on Postcard Friendship Friday - congratulations on passing the 200 mark! xx

Black Cat said...

Szczęścia , miłości, spełnienia marzeń i wszelkiej pomyślności w Nowym Roku!
cieplutko pozdrawiam