Friday, August 23, 2013

Ride the Wind Day -Postcard Friendship Friday #182

Today is Ride the Wind Day!  No one seems to know how this holiday got started, but it is a fanciful, heavenly idea.  I once had the privilege and pleasure of taking a hot air balloon ride...I will never forget that experience.  It seemed so natural to be floating overhead--no motor, just the rush of the flame as we drifted along.

One of the funny things I read about this day is that on August 23, 1974, John Lennon, one of the Beatles reported that he saw a UFO in New York City!

When I was four years old my family and I went through the great Columbus Day Storm.  It was a cyclone which made its way up the coast from Mexico.  Though we have had some big storms since, its like has not been seen since.

As a small child, I don't remember being afraid--even as we stood in the middle of the field watching the winds flatten Grandpa's barn, whipping tons of hay into a prickly mass over our heads.  I watched the winds roll up the flat roof of our home like an old fashioned sardine can, tossing it off to the side.

I've loved the wind ever since.

Have a lovely windy day and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

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Irene said...

I like watching the wind, but don't particularly like sitting in it. Great card, and great memories.

Grace Bailhache said...

Hello Beth,

I hope you're fine. I learned a lot thanks to your card, never heard about this holiday and simply loved the elegance of this woman.

Bon weekend dear !


Maria said...

I like watching the wind too... but just gentle wind that rustles the leaves slightly.

Typhoons with strong winds are notorious here in Manila at this time of the year; roofs can be flying and it scares me when I can hear some tin roofs being flapped by the wind.

I wish we won't have too strong winds with the typhoons this year...but I can only wish.