Friday, August 30, 2013

Flight of the Yellow Birds -Postcard Friendship Friday #183

I had all kinds of ideas as to what I would be posting today.  All of those flew out the window in the wake of a lovely dream I had a few days ago.

I dreamed my sweet husband and I were at Mumsie's house.  He was fixing a flat tire.  Mom and I were sitting on in the grass nearby watching.  It is the oddest thing, but Mumsie was young again, long dark hair flowing down her back--we were laughing together like young girls.

Suddenly I saw these beautiful little yellow and orange birds in the trees overhead--they were tiny, just the size of my thumb, so sweet, a whole flock of them.   I pointed them out to Mums and we watched as they flitted to land all over the giant oak tree.

And then--these chicken-sized, bright yellow, feathery creatures joined the tiny birds. I kept saying, "Do you see what I'm seeing?" My husband was about to come to where we were sitting, but I gestured for him not to move--I was afraid they'd fly away.  So we sat there very quietly.  

To our astonishment, rather than flying away, they came down and let us pet them.  They were so soft and feathery and bright--not afraid of us one bit.  Their antics made us laugh.  And then I awoke.

It was the dearest, funniest dream I've had in a long long time

Have a lovely day and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

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Irene said...

What a lovely dream, and a lovely card to match.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

An amazing dream, especially that you remembered it so clearly! I wonder if it has any significance

VioletSky said...

those birds are so sweet.
it is interesting how some dreams stay with you and others just melt away.

Maria said...

Thank you for sharing this postcard which aids to my imagination of the beautiful dream you had!

Happy first day of September!