Friday, August 16, 2013

For the Sake of Argument -Postcard Friendship Friday #181

This is our week of family gatherings and reunions!  My brother and his delightful family are visiting from out of town, then there's a big reunion later on at my Uncle's place. 

Which brings to mind some of my favorite reunion memories.  I have written about how much, as a child, I loved to listen to Dad's brothers and sisters debate every topic under the sun--yet how much love they had for one another.

I once asked Mom why they argued so much.  She smiled and said, "For the sake of the argument."  Which seemed perfectly plausible to me.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

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Irene said...

I think the "for the sake of argument" must be a trait amongst our father's brothers. It sounds like a battle when my husband and his brothers get together, I've tried fruitlessly, to get the to check their hearing, they are so loud.

Irene said...

Oops, great card. One of these days my scanner will be back in working order and I'll be able to join in.

Maria said...

For the 'sake of argument', I sometimes can argue as passionately as those men in the postcard.

I'm happy you've posted already :) I was quite concerned why PFF wasn't opened yet and asked your sis Clytie about it... I'm glad it's because of happy events why PFF was delayed and not because of something else. Enjoy!