Friday, June 7, 2013

June Bride -Postcard Friendship Friday #171

June is the month of roses and of brides.  I can think of no lovelier time for romance to blossom and come to fruition, than this time of year. 

This sweet bride with her bouquet of blooms is perfect for June and this week's Postcard Friendship Friday.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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Grace Bailhache said...

Hello Beth,

Roses and brides for june. What an enchanting bride. She looks like a dreamer of fairy tales, you know, the ones that ends with and they lived happily and after. Mmm ! From which period is this card 1900 or before ?

Actually you reminds me that June is stil (at least here in France you will tell me about you,) the most popular for having wedding. I get married in august, but there only few of us apparently.

This year for many it will be a rainy wedding because the sun keeps on hidding from us. Do you also says rainy wedding, happy wedding ?

Thanks for sharing this beauty and happy friday dear!


Maria said...

Hi Beth,

Thank you for sharing another lovely postcard on romance and love. The bride looks timid but for sure, that is to control the overwhelming excitement and the many emotions she feels on her special day. She also looks pleased with her bouquet of flowers. :)

Let me also mention on this note that I'm really grateful for the nice and kind words you've written for me in my posts. I think we've developed a silent lovely friendship through Postcard Friendship Friday posts (as the name implies!) ;-) The comments you left for me are truly inspiring and it makes me more confident about myself -- something I've been lacking on lately. Thank you really, from the bottom of my heart, for believing in me.

Hugs from Manila,

LiT Web Studio said...

hi beth! long time, no PFF! so glad to check back and see that you're still keep things going! i've chosen a gorgeous card i think you'll for your cyber collection i'm sure! thank you for sharing some wonderful romantic cards this june... xxxd

Patty said...

Beautiful post card of the young bride. Would love to see a post card of the same woman after 50 years of marriage. LOL