Friday, June 21, 2013

At the Theatre -Postcard Friendship Friday #173

In days of old it seems romance included the "chase."  That lovely merry way of man pursuing woman.  He gets a bit close, she moves that much farther away.  Mystery moves in her eyes and he cannot resist her.  The best romance ends well when he chases her until she catches him.

In this marvelous postcard, I laugh to myself, wondering how that girl could possibly keep her eyes on the stage below.  With that handsome young fellow staring so intently as he is, no wonder her cheeks are flushed!  One gets the idea it won't be long before she is thoroughly kissed!  But perhaps she will keep him at arms length--with a come hither glint.  Ah, the chase, ah, young love...

Have a fabulous day, dear friends and happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

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LiT Web Studio said...

beth ...this is a fabulous card! what a great find...thank you so much for sharing this one.

Grace Bailhache said...

Hello Beth,

Hope your week was sweet with you and family. What can I say, I just LOVE your interpretation of this card, I'm totally old fashion and even at my old age (smiles) I'm still remove by not the chase, it's too hard for us, by us I mean in french, chase sound very heavy, I don't know if the "term" to court someone is correct or understandable in english ? But it's a more like an understable game lovers plays at the beginning of a relation. It's less and less frequent with young people under 20, I totally amazed when they talk to me on the street to compliment me and after less than 10 minutes, they ask for my name on FB ! God, the first time it's happen to me, I was so shocked and I thought to myself "Grace your getting old" and you know what I like it better that way.

Just like this woman, I think taking time and saving a little mystery is not a bad thing. (Smiles)

My best for your weekend and happy FFP !


Terra said...

I like your commentary, this postcard reminds me of the courtships and scenes in a favorite book of mine, Emma by Jane Austen.

Irene said...

Love your card, and really love the idea of the chase. Where has all the fun gone in courtship, so glad that these two are enjoying it. Have a great weekend.

Maria said...

Hi Beth, really nice postcard & interpretation. I had my beau chase/court me for a year. Or perhaps, even more than that! It's a nice experience & I wish young lovers will not skip it at the start of their relarionships cause it's an added beautiful foundation for being a couple.