Friday, June 14, 2013

Flag Day -Postcard Friendship Friday #172

When I was a little girl, I was convinced the flags I saw flying on June 14th were there in celebration of my birthday.  "I'm famous," I would say.  lol  Suffice it to say, as early as first grade, my schoolmates made sure I discovered the truth of the matter!

I've always loved Flag Day.  There is so much fascinating history to be found.  It was after the Declaration of Independence was signed that Americans chose a flag of their own to celebrate their freedom. On June 14, 1777 - Flag Day - the Second Continental Congress approved a star and a stripe for each state.  The flag quickly became the symbol of America and of freedom.

When Francis Scott Key penned his famous "Star Spangled Banner" during the war of 1812, the flag he wrote about bore fifteen stars and fifteen stripes.

In 1818, because so many states were thinking of banding together, the design was changed.  The American flag kept the first original thirteen stripes, adding a field of blue with a single star for each new state.  I love our flag.  The history behind it is poignant and difficult--especially when we remember all the men who sacrificed their lives for the incredible freedoms we enjoy today.

Happy Flag Day and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday.

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LiT Web Studio said...

Fabulous flag day card...and did I read that right? It's your birthday?! Will wave a flag in your honour ;-)

peggy gatto said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!

VioletSky said...

Happy Birthday1

Grace Bailhache said...

Hello Beth,

Wonderful dear, my best wishes for your Birthday and what a birthday indeed ! Well you are lucky because there's always a party somewhere the day of your Bday.

Thanks for sharing this part of history, actually, we have the same colors, no stars, but Lafayette probably has been inspires by your flag.

Anyway enjoy your friday, your birthday with your lovers one.

Joyeux anniversaire à toi


Maria said...

Happy Flag Day, and of course,


I made it loud so you can hopefully hear me in the US greeting you from across the world.

I wish you all the best, more strength, more wisdom, more love, more happiness, and more pretty postcards :D

My apologies, I think my PFF is a bit insensitive to you and your mom... My prayers that happy memories of your dad keeps your mom company every day.

Irene said...

Happy Birthday, and Happy flag Day, great card. And all that good info.