Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary -Postcard Friendship Friday #128

Tomorrow is a very special day.  Tomorrow our parents will have been married 55 years.  They have been loyal to one another through thick and thin, better and worse, richer and poorer.  They have fought together, loved together, suffered together, laughed together.

Their marriage has been a tremendously realistic role model of what true love is all about.  I am so grateful to them, for their love and care for one another over the years.

Happy 55th Anniversary, Dad and Mom!

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Snap said...

Beautiful card and Happy Anniversary to your parents. Thanks as always, for hosting!

Dănuţ Ivănescu said...

Very nice. Happy Anniversary.

Maria said...

Happy 55th anniversary to your parents! Lovely card to commemorate this special date in your family's history.

Irene said...

Happy Anniversary, to your parents. What a wonderful card. Enjoy your celebration with your parents.