Friday, August 17, 2012

National Thriftshop Day -Postcard Friendship Friday #129

Today is National Thriftshop Day.  In the past a thriftstore was a place which sold items of various quality for a discount.  Here in the United States, Thrift stores sell gently used items, which often are donated.  I have been going to thriftshops since I was a small girl--with as many children as there were in our family--secondhand stores were a lifesaver for a family as big as ours.  My sister and I learned how to use Mom's sewing machine to shape clothing which was too big, into just the right size.  We have both used that skill throughout our lives.

I have great memories of thriftshops.  When we were single, Sissy and I would take an entire day and go "second hand store hopping" together  There were an incredible number of thrift stores on Highway 99. It was a hoot to drive from one to the next store.  We found some amazing things.  As little money as we earned in those days, one could still buy a bunch things without overspending.

Researchers do not know how this holiday got started--undoubtedly, a thriftshop somewhere started this special day to promote a summer sale!

Happy Second Hand store hopping!

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Irene said...

What a great card, I went thrift store shopping today. I hate using paper plates at our very large family cookouts, so I'm getting inexpensive plates to stock the cabin.

Maria said...

My brother calls our mum 'The Thriftshop Queen'! :D

Happy weekend Beth and thanks for sharing this card.

Postcardese said...

Hi Beth,

Great card... and story. I started collecting postcards in a thriftshop. It was called Past and Present. Not one I'd recommend as it wasn't that thrifty! Hope you are well. Guy

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I love rummaging through shops like that!

Snap said...

Cute card and you find the most wonderful *DAYS* to celebrate. I must write this one done. I don't need an excuse to go thrifting, but what fun to thrift on National Thriftshop Day!!! YeeHaw! Thanks for hosting!