Sunday, December 4, 2011

Adoring Angels - Sunday Scans

This wonderful unusual card came from a box of old cards given to me by my darling Gramma Gladys.  She has the most fabulous collection of Vintage cards and postcards.  When she moved from Oregon to Washington, she left several boxes of her collection with me.

I had the blessing of seeing her on my recent trip--she is tinier than ever, a winsome little Grannie elf with her beautiful wrinkled face filled with mischief--and that wonderful shock of pure white hair.  She says she can't do a thing with it.  She is an adorable little Grandmother.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Al's Photography Blog, by our good friend Al, hosts "Sunday Scans" each week.  Sunday Scans is a place for all things scanned.  So pick up your artwork, old photo albums, ephemera, postcards, ANYTHING which can be scanned and join in the fun!  


Al said...

She sounds like an awesome lady, and I love this card. Thanks for participating in Sunday Scans!

Irene said...

sounds like a perfect little grannie, and with great postcard taste.

Clytie said...

I am in awe of this card - it's absolutely ADORABLE!!!