Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Time - Postcard Friendship Friday #83

Forgive me for getting PFF up so late today.  I have been feeling a bit under the weather.  

I love this whimsical postcard--the poetry and artwork is just delightful!  

I have always loved fairytales and fairies--however, in my research I discovered a scary tradition about fairies and goblins on  Hallows Eve!  It is whispered that in the hours between dusk and midnight, fairies and goblins go out to collect as many souls as they can.  

To rescue an imprisoned soul, a person could collect the dust from beneath the feet of fairies and goblins, then throw it at these creatures--who would then would be obliged to release all the souls they held captive.  Have you ever wondered what fairy dust was made of?  Me too!  Now  we know! 

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Snap said...

Love your Halloween card. Hope you are feeling better. I'm looking forward to October and more Halloween cards! I love the fall. Happy PFF!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Beautiful card! I've never thought of fairies in that way before.

Keep well, and I hope Clytie is continuing to improve.

Dorincard said...

Fairytalish card - nice! Clytie's back, Halloween's coming...great! :)

MrCachet said...

That's a new one on me. Happy to hear your sister is better, and thanks once again for being so generous with your time.

Sreisaat said...

I've always thought fairy dust is shimmery and sparkly. It must be a challenge to collect them from fairies and goblins that you must pass several tests from them. Love the postcard.
I hope you feel better soon, Beth, and I also hope your sissy Clytie will continue to improve.

Postcards Crossing

dakotaboo said...

Great Halloween postcard. We don't see many of these in the UK.

Heather said...

This is a delightful card. Thanks for sharing. I have a contest on my blog this week.

Grace Bailhache said...


I'm very happy to enter this postcard meme.If Halloween wasn't mention in this one, I couldn't guess, it was about it at all. It's so fairy and for me Halloween is much "darker". I love the contrast and much of all the storie around this card.

Grace = 15