Saturday, March 19, 2011

To Greet You at Easter - Pink Saturday

Yes, there IS pink in this cute postcard!  I laughed with the teeny bunnies over these chicks' consternation at the hatching of furry black kittens from that egg.  I believe the one little kitten might be thinkin' dinner.

It was such a cheery postcard, I just had to share it!  Happy Pink Saturday to all.  For more wonderful things in pink, visit Beverly at  How Sweet The Sound!


Medusa said...

I love this postcard! It shows the best parts of Easter - fat chicks! :) Does the sender (or you) have any more of these? I would love one & would be happy to swap postcards with you!


medusa242 (on postcrossing)

Lui said...

Yes indeed there is pink in the postcard. And yes it is special!

Happy pink weekend!

Irene said...

this is adorable, and I do see the pink. Must get back to this meme.

gabry said...

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Light and Voices said...

I collect postcards too. You certainly posted an adorable one. HPS!
Joyce M

Patty said...

Wonder what made the person that made the postcard come up with an idea of having kittens come from an egg? Hope all is well at your end of the woods.

Aimee Dars said...

Cute! I love the cat - how unexpected!

Lisa'sLettersandLace said...

HI, I'm getting ready for your Friendship Fri. I wanted to ask you if you remember who it is that does a "poststamp Sunday". I think it is Sunday. I came across this while doing postcard Fri. I have lost who that was, thanks for trying. See you tomorrow!

Lakyaan said...

I love this postcard! Would you please post more pink postcard?