Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Violets for Howard

I went for a walk outside--the violets are up and blooming.  The fragrance of the white, purple and pink blooms drifts up as I bend to smell their perfume.

Violets are a symbol of faithfulness, their arrival is one of the lovely heralds of spring.

Last Sunday afternoon, while we were on the road, my Sweet Sissy called to let me know that our dear faithful Howard had passed away.  I shall miss him, sorely.  Howard was in his mid-80's -- a loving, kind man who's heart was bigger than the world.  Do you suppose with Howard's arrival in heaven, spring has finally sprung?  He would smile at that suggestion. 

Rest in Peace dear Friend.

Please keep Howard's beloved wife Freddy in your prayers.


Aimee said...

Beautiful! We have so many things blooming right now...I just love this time of year!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so adore these sweet little blooms! Our little acreage is heavily scented with the delightfully heady aroma these petite posies! They are the G-d's aromatherapy for the mind, body, and soul ...

Beautiful image!! :))

Stop by, when you have a moment. Last Monday's post was in honor of these coveted blooms!