Thursday, April 1, 2010

All Joy to You This Easter

This wonderful old postcard has some fascinating elements to it. I wonder what the story might be behind these beautiful costumes, the children and lovely young ladies! Care to take a wild guess?

Above is the back of this most intriguing postcard. I could not make out what was written here. Perhaps someone else out there is a little better at deciphering than I am.

Have a joyous Thursday!


Unknown said...

I've never seen the message written upside down from the address. Once I turned the card over I deciphered this:

"Dear ______,
Thanks for Pb.
Hope you will like this.

"Pb" might be an abbreviation for publication or photo book, though it could be something else, I suppose.
Maybe someone else will be able to decipher the rest.

Lois said...

I couldn't figure it out, but the front is so beautiful!

Patty said...

I thought it said
Dear EL
Thanks for PC, hope you will like this. (I couldn't figure out the initials of the person signing it)
As for the photo, they look like they are all dressed in their finest clothes for East, but not sure about the 3 little ones, if they even have clothes on. Still a nice Post Card.

Postcardy said...

I think it is PC as an abbreviation for post card.

Clytie said...

It could be any of the above - I was more intrigued as to why it was written upside down ...

I get the impression that the lady in the background and the kids hidden in the woods are forest guardians making sure the mom and her daughter are safe.

You're not the only one with a weird imagination, sissie!

Unknown said...

Hello, I have been looking for the "Fairy Tales" book that you posted a picture of in your blog on the "The Best Hearts are Crunchy" page... I've been looking for it for decades. The one with the glossy cover of a boy and two girls listening to a fairy sitting on a mushroom with a flower "hat" on the cover...I had it as a child. Can you tell me the publishing information? I am having a real hard time finding it with only the name.

Thank you!

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