Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Queen of Hearts

Time to break out some more Valentines from my vintage Valentine Card collection! This one is so cute--it was printed in the USA sometime in the late 1920's. One of the more unique characteristics of this card is that her eyelids actually open and close! She can flutter her eyelashes!

I love the way her feet, in those patent leather shoes, are slightly turned inward. I adore her sausage curls and bit of pink ruffle peeking from beneath her VERY short skirt.

Hey Sissy! This one's for you--the Queen of Hearts!


Christine H. said...

Those eyelids are hilarious. She is adorable. Thanks for reminding me that Valentine's Day is coming up. Maybe I'll actually make one this year.

MuseSwings said...

The eyelids are a hoot! Love this card!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Adorable Valentine! Say, I guess it really is time to break out the valentines, isn't it! Maybe after I finish with the Lassie book collection, I'll break out some of mine too. I DO love valentines!!! This one is so cute!

Deann said...

Her cheeks remind me of my son Joe when he was a boy...his friends called him Campbell because he looked like one of the Campbell Soup kids. She's a cutie. Love ya

Patty said...

At one time Campbell soup kids look kind of like this child. Yes, that's just around the corner, Valentines day.

Clytie said...

She really does remind me of the Campbell Soup kids from yesteryear!

Love the eyes, too.

Lots of hearts this time of year, aren't there?

Love you!!!