Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hope I Can Catch You

Isn't the perspective of this Valentine's Day card wonderful? The eyes move from side to side along with the extended arm with baseball glove. I love these moveable cards. You can see the tiny rivet which allows movement.
I'm not sure about the year in which it was made--but I LOVE the look on his face. He looks so hopeful and a tad aggressive! I also like his adorable feet and that bright yellow shirt is really cute.


Clytie said...

The mask on his face makes him look a bit scary to me.

Other than that, he is really quite adorable!

Patty said...

That is one cute card. Shame they can't make them like they use to, except if they did, they would probably be expensive. Well I'm off, have to run to the Pharmacy before I pick up the granddaughter from school. Have a terrific evening.

Lois said...

Very cute. His eyes are my favorite part of this card!