Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love Makes the Weather

Here is another Valentine card from my collection. This card was made in the USA in the late 1930's. I love the barometer and that saucy young man's yellow jacket bee shirt--not to mention those funny shoes he's wearing.

I thought this card would be especially appropriate -- it seems here in America that Winter and Spring are having a DREADFUL row!


Clytie said...

Oh! This is so cute!

Love makes the weather
When we are together!


Christine H. said...

I love his apple-y cheeks and his little hat. Valentines are the best!

Patty said...

Won't be long Valentine's Day will be here. Very cute card. Hope you and hubby are both all well again. And all of your plumbing problems have been solved. I think I have the right person that was having the water coming down the one wall.

Marie Reed said...

I hope that you know how much I heart your V day collection! My oldest son was born on Valentine's day:)