Friday, April 17, 2009

In One A-Chord

I know this is not a postcard, but it is definitely vintage. I just couldn't find anything that fit. 
The reason I'm posting a card, rather than a postcard today, is it is my husband's birthday. The poem within this lovely little card is very appropriate--over the past 27 years our love is still strong and it perfectly fits how I will always feel about him.
What moonlight means to lovers,
What roses mean to June
What birds mean to the Springtime
What words mean to a tune..
That's what YOU mean to me, dear,
And that's a perfect sign,
Your heart beats to a rhythm,
that's in A-CHORD with mine!

Happy Birthday, Honey! I love you so very much--and I always will.
This vintage card was recently given to me by my sister Clytie. (Thank you, Sissy!) On the front, there is a disc inscribed with musical notes which can be moved at the notch.


Clytie said...

Happy Birthday Alan!

Lois said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! It's a beautiful card. I like it when they have movable parts.

Marie Reed said...

Mmmm... NOw I#m craving birthday cake! Oh noooo! This is your first PFF entry and I didn't even see it! I'll send the link out to all of the participants.)

Margo said...

Hi Beth, I'm so glad you did PFF. What a great card - for your great husband! "in A chord"? I love it :)