Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Kitchen...

My kitchen looks nothing like this kitchen of old--although long ago I'm sure it did. The green swirly-topped table, where the lady of the house rolled out her bread dough and tipped open the tin-lined drawers, rotted away long ago. I found it in the back of the old garage. It fell to pieces there, leaving only the tilted drawers and the heavy marble-like surface. It is now the top of the desk in my office, which must have been her fancy parlor room.
The old wood stove sits in our glass-enclosed entryway just outside the kitchen. It has all the working parts inside--someday it is my dream to incorporate that old stove into our kitchen. It is a large open room. Ancient glassed doors still hang over the old cupboards, and there is an air of the past which sometimes wafts through.
I have a photo of our house when it was first built by a steam-boat captain. The lady who once lived here stands beside our house in her elegant dark dress. I wonder a lot about her. The woman who once rolled bread dough upon this lovely leaf-green, marble-like substance would be amazed by my world. But the truth is, I would be equally astonished by hers.


Clytie said...

What fantastic pictures to have! I have seen that old stove, and it is a beaut! I often romanticize about that time period, but I know the reality of the lives of these amazing men and women was harsh and full of hard work ... plus, I like my modern amenities way too much!

Lois said...

My great grandmother had a stove like that! I remember going to her house when I was little. She had no indoor plumbing and a fireplace in every room. Her porch wrapped all the way around the house and we used to run on it while she rocked in her rocking chair! Thanks for making me remember that.

Marie Reed said...

What a magical post Beth! How delightful that you are using the marble top as your desk! I'm sorry that I've been so out of touch. The boys were on Easter vacation so I was very unplugged from the computer!